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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3090
Michelle Preyde

Article #2 Summary Circle of disadvantage: Aboriginal poverty and underdevelopment in Canada  High infant mortality rates and lower life expectancy among aboriginals is related to lack of access to health care, particularly those in remote locations, substance abuse, and suicide  Aboriginals are a population experiencing a different level of development from the majority population (Canadians) closely resembling a third-world country  Unemployment rates are extremely high  Causes of underdevelopment: o Loss of land and sovereignty, cultural genocide, lack of education, and job market discrimination  Most immediate cause of poverty in aboriginals is joblessness  Location: o Accessing resources and integrating with urban labour markets pathways to success  Culture: o A communal approach to living (collective ownership and sharing of resources, as opposed to the idea of private rights that characterize western culture( is a major stumbling block to aboriginal development  Some sets of private ownership are necessary  Loss of land and resources o Industrial development has been a major issue o It has caused them to become totally dependent on the other society that they’re forced into, and creates a powerless position that breaks their spirits = alcoholism, despair, and violence which are barriers to development  Lack of self-determination o Self-determination must precede economic development o Circle world view: ci
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