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Family Relations and Human Development
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Michelle Preyde

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Article 10 Summary Nunavut Suicide Study World Health Organization (WHO)  1 million deaths/year by suicide  Nunavut: suicide death rate among Inuit people has increased over last 3 decades  Over 120 per 100,000 people commit suicide (10x more than Canadian rate) Main Goal of “Learning from Lives that have been lived”: to identify reasons behind each suicide death in order to understand, predict and prevent suicide in the future Overview of Study  Follow-back design used – look retrospectively into lives of both individuals who died from suicide and individuals who are still living with comparable backgrounds to identify risk and protective factors associated with suicide  498 interviews with the families and friends of the 120 suicides that happened in Nunavut(Suicide Group) AND interviewed family and friends of the 120 living people who had similar dates of birth, came from the same community and were the same gender (Comparison Group) Nunavut between 2003 -2006  more males than females committed suicide  Maximum age in study was 62, minimum age was 13  Average age of suicide was 24.6 years old Demographic differences between suicide and comparison group Comparison Group  More were married and in common-law  More were employed or in school Suicide Group  Twice as likely to have been involved in legal problems  4 times likely to have had less than 7 years of education Differences in Childhood Experiences Suicide Group  More experiences childhood abuse and had been physically and/or sexually abused in childhood  Levels of impulsiveness and aggression much higher Differences in Diagnosis of Psychiatric Illness Suicide Group  More diagnose with current (past 6 months) or lifetime of major depression disorder and cannabis dependence or abuse disorder  Twice as many diagnosed with a current alcohol abuse or dependence disorder  More diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, conduct disorder and antisocial personality disorder  Twice as many took psychiatric drugs but majority of both groups didn’t take meds at all (80%)  Twice as many hospitalized for a psychiatric illness No differences in lifetime alcohol abuse or dependence between 2 groups – indicates that alcohol abuse or dependence is a more acute risk factor for suicide Suicide Globally  Every 40 seconds there is a death by suicide somewhere in the world  Mental health is most pervasive factor in suicide  Take more men’s lives than women’s Inuit Suicide  Rise of Nunavut’s death rate by suicide almost entirely result of an increased # of suicides by Inuit younger than 25 years  Suicide among Inuit Nunavut aged 15 to 24 has increased more than 6-fold since 1980’s  Rates of suicide attempts and thoughts also higher among Inuit  Suicidal thoughts in Nunavut higher than First Nation Canadians 2008 – Government of Nunavut, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc., The Embrace Life Council and Royal Canadian Mounted Police formed partnership to create a suicide prevention strategy  Released a discussion paper  Conducted community consultation’  Met with key stakeholders in suicide prevention  October 2010: strategy was tabled in Legislative Assembly of Nunavut  Strategy indicates that significant investments are required for mental health services and evidence-based intervention Description of Study  Funding: from Canadian Institute of Health research (CIHR), Gov, of Nunavut, FRQS, and Can. Institutes for Health research  Completely confidential, no names or addresses used  Financially compensated for participation-could choose to do
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