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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3150
Michelle Preyde

Chapter 4 When a stimulus becomes a conditioned reinforcer through deliberate association with other reinforcers, the other reinforcers are called backup reinforcers. can be either unconditioned reinforcersor other conditioned reinforcers The main advantage of using tokens or other conditioned reinforcers in a behavior modification program is that they can usually be delivered more immediately than the backup reinforcer can. they help to bridge delays between behavior and more powerful reinforcers. Conditioned punishment: a stimulus that’s paired with punishment becomes punishing. The demerit system used in the military is an example of a punishment token system. FACTORS INFLUENCING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF CONDITIONED REINFORCEMENT 1. The Strength of Backup Reinforcers The reinforcing power of a conditioned reinforcer depends in part on the reinforcing power of the backup reinforcer(s) on which it is based. 2. The Variety of Backup Reinforcers Simple conditioned reinforcer: A c
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