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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3150
Michelle Preyde

Chapter 5 Extinction (operant): an individual emits a previously reinforced behavior and that behavior is not followed by a reinforcer, then they are less likely to do the same thing again when next encountering a similar situation. other causes of decreasing behavior (punisher, response-cost punishment, forgetting) FACTORS INFLUENCING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF EXTINCTION 1. Controlling Reinforcers for the Behavior That Is to Be Decreased Reinforcers presented by other people or by the physical environment can undo your good efforts at applying extinction. 2. Extinction of a Behavior with Positive Reinforcement for a Another Behavior Extinction is most effective when combined with positive reinforcement begin with short intervals of desirable behavior and increase them to longer manageable intervals. It is important that the increase in the requirement of the desirable behavior be very gradual; otherwise, the undesirable behavior is likely to reoccur. ensure that the reinforcers that you are withholding are the ones that were actually maintaining the undesirable behavior. 3. The Setting in Which Extinction Is Carried Out one reason for changing the setting is to minimize the possibility that other people will reinforce the behavior you are trying
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