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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3150
Michelle Preyde

Chapter 7 DIFFERENTIAL REINFORCEMENT OF LOW RATES Differential reinforcement of low (DRL) rates: is a schedule of reinforcement in which a rein- forcer is presented only if a particular response occurs at a low rate. 1. Limited-responding DRL, specifies a maximum allowable number of responses during a certain time interval in order for a reinforcer to occur. is useful in two conditions some of the behavior is tolerable but less of it is better. 2. Spaced-responding DRL, requires that a specified behavior not occur during a specified interval, and after the interval has passed, an instance of that behavior must then occur in order for a reinforcer to occur. is useful when the behavior wanted to reduce is actually desirable provided that it does not occur at too high a rate. DIFFERENTIAL REINFORCEMENT OF ZERO RESPONDING Differential reinforcement of zero responding (DRO): A schedule in which a reinforcer is presented only if a specified response does not occur during a specified period of tim
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