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Family Relations and Human Development
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FRHD 3150
Michelle Preyde

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Chapter 18: Antededent Control: Modeling, Physical Guidance, and Situational Inducement MODELING  Modeling is a procedure by which a sample of a given behavior is demonstrated to an individual to induce that individual to engage in a similar behavior.  each of us has had different experiences, the specific variables that determine which models and modeled behaviors are SDs for imitation vary  several general factors influence the effectiveness of modeling as a behavior modification technique for most people 1.Arranging for peers to be models People are more likely to imitate those who are similar to them in various ways symbolic modelling: The presentation of modeling scenes through films, videos, and other media can sometimes be as effective as the real thing 2.Arrange the modeled behaviour to be seen as effective Clearly, the competence of the model in obtaining desired consequences is a factor that determines the effectiveness of modeling as a behavior modification technique. 3.Use multiple models 4.Combine modeling with rules A combination of instructions, modelin
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