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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3150
Michelle Preyde

Chapter 24 Planning, Applying and Evaluating a Behavioral Program 4/18/2013 9:38:00 PM Deciding Whether to Design a Program Following A Referral -The fact that a problem has been referred is not always a sufficient reason for proceeding with program design and implementation -The following questions during screening are helpful: 1. Was the Problem Referred Primarily for the Benefit of the Client?  If the problem was referred by others, determining whether the accomplishment of the goal will be for the benefit of the client is key  If accomplishment is for benefit of others, it should be at least neutral for the client  Ethical considerations- stop here 2. Is the Problem Important to the Client or to Others?  Will solving the problem lead to less aversiveness or more positive reinforcement for the client or others?  Will solving the problem give rise directly or indirectly to other desirable to others?  If the answer is no to either, reconsider your involvement in the problem 3. Can the Problem and The goal Be Specified So that you are dealing with a specific behavior or set of behavioral that can be measured in some way?  If problem is vague (my child is a poor student), you must specify a component behavior that a) defines the problem and b) can be measured or assessed objectively 4. Are you the appropriate person to deal with this problem?  If problem has medical complications, psychological problems (danger of suicide) that you are not qualified to treat, appropriate specialist should be consulted 5. Is the problem one that would appear to be easily manageable? 6. If the desired behavior change is obtained, can it be readily generalized to and maintained in the natural environment?  Consider how your training setting can be faded into the natural environment  Consider whether the natural environment has contingencies that will maintain the improved behavior  Consider weather you can influence people in the natural environment to help maintain the improved behavior  Consider weather the client can learn a self-control behavior
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