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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3190
Jeffrey Reid

Chapter 7: Managing Safe and Healthy Learning Environments: Providing safe, healthy environments: • Criteria for evaluating environments fall into 3 categories: safe, healthy, and conductive to optimal learning. • Directors are responsible for their program's health, safety, and nutrition programs. • The programs design and maintenance of its physical environment supports children's learning and allows for optimal use. • A license gives a program permission to operate; it does not guarantee quality. • It is necessary to be informed about the elements involved and the importance of these components to the children, families, and staff in the programs. Operating a healthy and safe program: • New information and research comes forward from health professionals and changes in public perceptions which transforms the attitudes and opinions of families and ECEs. • The right balance of challenge, safety and clear health policies is critical. They key is to create a safe environment for parents and children. • Educators need to ask themselves how they can promote children's optimal health and development, improve sanitations and reduce the spread of disease , eliminate injuries and be prepared for emergencies. • Purchasing non toxic art and play materials, maintaining fresh air, ventilation and heating in classrooms, monitoring the use of chemicals, including pesticides and reducing the risk of harm or accident. Early Childhood Program policies and practices: • EC programs can give children protection against this threat by making medications to program practices and teaching methods using innovative and newly available tools by increasing the daily amount of movement and physical activity for children, helping children develop a healthy body image and learn about nutrition and involving families to encourage good habits are continued at home. • Policies must be practical and they must be used. They must not sit on a shelf or just be practice during licensing visit. Program Policies and Procedure Manual: • Policy manuals are legal documents outlining the programs philosophy, goals and objectives and how the staff intends to meet regulations. • health and wellness
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