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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3190
Leslie Yaffa

Unit 3 Chapter 3 pg 95104 Ways in which Programs are OrganizedECE programs can be operated by nonprofit organizations commercial or independent operators or public organizations municipalities school boards etcAuspicelegal status and ownership of programs controversial in CanadaChild care is a public good and privately operated centres should not profit from caring for children and that early childhood programs should be a fully funded public serviceSupporters of commercial child care often argue that caring for children is the responsibility of individual families governments should not determine where parents choose to send their young childrenMost programs are nonprofitVolunteers are more likely to work in various roles in a nonprofit programCommercial programs aka forprofit programsprivately owned businesses25 of Canadas EC programs are commercial businessesEach provinceterritory has legislation that governs forprofit and nonprofit corporationsNonprofit corporation is a legal entity protects individuals from certain liabilitiesDecision making tends to be more complex in nonprofit organizations where there are more players and proceduresMuch easier and less expensive to set up for a forprofit organizationGoverning Operational and Advisory BoardsGovernancegeneral and legal oversight of the operation relates to consistent management cohesive policies processes and decision rights for a given area of responsibilityThree types of boards 1 GovernanceMakes and enforces policy and makes decisions that are binding upon the programUsually in place when EC program is part of a larger organizationScope of authority for each level of management must be clear and cover all operational aspectsEx Staffing and facility issues2 OperationalEx Overseeing financial statements meeting with bookkeepers attending meetings with government officials or representing the organization at community meetings 3 AdvisoryServe as a resource for the program by reviewing matters brought to themMembers selected based on areas of expertiseHas no power to enforce rather suggests policies and proceduresSkillsKnowledge of Governing BodyBoard of directors can range from 310 peopleBoard should be small enough to act as a deliberative bodyLarge boards provide an opportunity to diversify member representation expertise and responsibility
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