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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3190
Leslie Yaffa

Unit 6 Chapter 5Human Resources Management Supporting Knowledgeable and Responsive Early Childhood EducatorsChildren benefit most when their teachers have high levels of formal education and specialized early childhood professional preparationStaff requires supportive supervision and opportunities to participate in ongoing professional environment to ensure their knowledge and skills reflect the professions growing knowledge baseEc educators require a working environment that provides time for program planning observation and documentation opportunities for professional development and ongoing conversations with familiesThe document Occupational Standards for Early Childhood Educators Child Care Human Resources Sector serves as a baseline document detailing EC knowledge and skillsOccupational standards can be used for o Developing job descriptions o Conducting performance appraisalso Informing and assessing ECE professional program curricula o Identifying ongoing professional development needs o Informing certification registration measures HR Management The Directors ResponsibilitiesIn creating a strong and effective staff team the director must o Making thoughtful decisions about hiring training and supporting staff members o Foster strong professional relationships focusing on strengths areas for development career aspirations and interests o Provide leadership through effective communications mentoring and modellingDirector must ensure that program policies are followedBuilding Talented Creative Staff TeamResearch shows that improving human resource management skills and practices of administratorsis a strategy to improve job satisfaction of employees which can reduce turnover by up to 20For children the quality of the program is determined by the attitudes knowledge and skills of the people who nurture and provide a rich array of learning experiencesAn organization must have clear vision code of conduct and policies and procedures Human Resources Policies and Procedures
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