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Chapter 14

Community & Counseling Chapter 14 summary

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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3400

Chapter 14: Microskills and Counseling Theory: Sequencing Skills and Interview Stages Person Centered Counseling  Focuses on the meaning and feelings of the client; the actual facts of the problem are less important  It is how the client feels about the self that is most important  Most important focus on the here and now  Questions should be avoided as this theory is most appropriate for freely talking clients who think through their own direction  Most helpful with clients who think concretely (children) Reflection of feeling followed by feedback that points out positive assets of the client is characteristic of the Rogerian concept of positive regard The following guidelines are suggested for a skills perspective: 1. Seek to eliminate, or minimize questions 2. Focus exclusively on the client 3. Search for and reflect underlying meaning 4. Constantly identify positives to help clients frame their experience in forward-moving ways (this is called positive regard) 5. Use selected influencing skills of confrontation, feedback and self disclosure 6. Note that most influencing skills are not part of this orientation Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Stress Management  Works on the assumption that we can facilitate change in client behavior and that will be followed by changes in the client’s thoughts and feelings  We can change thinking patterns – results in behavioral change  CBT is the one therapy that works on stress itself Brief Solution-Focused Counseling  Believe that clients have their own answers and solutions readily available if we help them examine themselves and their goals o Once the goal is established the counselor focuses on ways to reach this goal o Attends to the future and how to get there  Building at relationships of trust and rapport is essential
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