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Food Science
FOOD 2010
Massimo Marcone

CHAPTER 2 FOOD CATEGORIES AND COMPETITION 21 Food Composition Tables Food Composition The substance or components found in a beverage or food The key nutrients that compose foods include the larger molecular substances such as protein fat lipids and carbohydrate starch sugars and fibre as well as the smaller molecules of water vitamins minerals and phytochemicals Raw foods are composed of naturally occurring substances while processed foods often contain specific functional additives Tables of food composition are printed in by the USDA in handbooks They provide nutritionist and consumers with info regarding nutrient and calorie content of beverages and food Food composition info makes comparing nutrients of calories in foods easy Nutrient database systems enable international organizations to access food composition data for calculating food supplies Epidemiologists use them as wellFood Categories and the Food Pyramid Commodity Refers to raw product the UDA lists 12 commodities some are foods red meats poultry fish and shellfish eggs dairy products beverage milks fats and oils fruits veggies and coffee Processed Commodities Valueadded commodities derived from agricultural commodities that offer convenience longer shelf life and sometimes added nutrientsServing SizesThe quantity of food recommended by the Food Guide Pyramid is termed servings product food labels specify serving sizes tables of food composition employ measuresOn a food label the serving size is the basis for reporting each foods nutrient content The Nutrition Labeling and Education Ace NLEA defines serving sizes as the amount of food customarily eaten at one time The serving sizes on food labels are based on FDAestablished lists of Reference Amounts Customarily Consumed Per Eating Occasion They must be expressed in both common household and metric measures grams and millimetersTables of food comp do not suggest a serving size but instead provide a measure of food identified by weight followed by nutrient composition found in that amount BeveragesA beverage is a drinkable liquid consumed for a variety of reasons including
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