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Group 3 - Discussion 3 Summary There are many ways to encourage the development of food safety culture among employees in the food industry, such as in the bakery in the scenario. Some topics that were discussed focused on: food safety awareness, communication, management, and training. Food Safety Awareness Posters:  Place safety posters all around the workplace including break rooms  Have hand washing posters by every sink Newsletters:  Send out weekly or monthly newsletters outlining the good and the bad of workplace safety practices  Include the severity and the potential dangers that can result from the careless practices to inform employees Communication  Allows employees, customers, suppliers, and consumers to be involved and provide ideas to make the company more successful  Good communication continually enforces the message which keeps people informed and motivates them to work toward measurable and achievable common goals  Having open discussion forums for employees to present their opinions, ideas and issues regarding food safety in the plant can be beneficial for the development of food safety culture Meetings:  Have meetings with employees to go through any concerning issues that have been noticed  Have the meetings routinely Immediate Responses:  Treat the problem at the instant it has occurred and not after so that the employees who are involved and others may know how severe the issue is  There should be good communication between all workers Management  The management team, when they notice anything that is flagged as inappropriate or unacceptable, they should not only tell the workers but also to have it in record in written form so that it can be used as future reference  Management should also lead by example since they do technically have more seniority  There should be ongoing performance monitoring techniques, i.e. Internal audits  Have rewards for good practices to encourage other employees to get in a routine of proper food safety practices  Managers need to fully support food safety initiatives that they implement. They need to be firm believers in these concepts because this will motivate their employees to act and do the same. The management team needs to enforce food safety practices to ensure that employees are doing their work properly.  Goals related to food safety need to be established by the management team. These goals need to be measurable and achievable so employees can work as a cohe
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