FOOD 2010 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Food Technology, Food Processing, Food Science

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CHAPTER ONE - (Note: won’t be on the final exam, but good to know)
Food science is concerned with all quality and safety aspects of food before a person
consumes them, while nutrition is related to how the body uses foods after we eat them
to promote and maintain health.
The difference between science and food technology in general is that technology is
what people can make happen through today’s technology expertise whereas an
understanding of the science and consequences of those technologies (example, long
term effects on people and the environment) may belong to the future.
Foods are derived from living organisms, either animal or plant in origin.
The food processing industry is vital to the global economy.
Food processing is the largest manufacturing industry in the U.S.
Basic food scientists obtain fundamental information from food research.
Applied food scientists apply the information to food product and development and
The seven types of food components are:
Major components: water, lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins
Minor components: vitamins, phytochemicals, and minerals
The development of the food industry was related to changes occurring in Europe
during the 1700’s, whiles study of food science at universities originated much later
during the early part of the 20th century.
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