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Chapter 7

FRHD 1010 Chapter 7: FRHD 1010 - Chapter 7 Notes

Family Relations and Human Development
Course Code
FRHD 1010
Susan Chuang

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Chapter 7: Middle Childhood Body and Mind
Health and Sickness
o Genetic and environmental factors safeguard middle childhood (about 6-11 years old),
the period after early childhood and before adolescence
Slower Growth, Greater Strength
o Unlike infants or adolescents, school-age children’s growth is slow and steady
o Brain maturation allows most of them to sit at their desks or tables and learn without too
much difficulty
o Muscles including the heart and lungs, become strong
Medical Care
o Immunization has reduced deaths dramatically, and throughout childhood, lethal
accidents and fatal illnesses are far less common than a few years ago
o Better medical care has meant fewer children suffer with chronic conditions such as
hearing impairments or anemia
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