FRHD 1020 Chapter Notes - Chapter 16: Canada Pension Plan, Human Reproduction, Assisted Human Reproduction Act

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Chapter 16 Couples and Family
An Aging Population
Three trends are working to push up the average age of Canadians:
The aging of the baby boomer generation
The low birth rate
Advances in medical technology
What Does an Aging Population Mean?
Dependency Ratio: a way of comparing dependents, such as children or retired
seniors, to providers who are in the workforce
The need for age-related services will increase.
The cost will partly offset by reduced spending in areas such as education
because of the smaller percentage of children in the population
Some suggest that modifying immigration policies to attract younger
workers can ease the elderly dependency ratio
Many older people, especially the “young-old” are paying their own way –
pensions have improved, Canada or Quebec pension plan, and many have
save additional money
Growing reliance on seniors’ residences and nursing homes
Patrilineal: counting descent through one’s father
Matrilineal: counting descent through one’s mother
There are other areas where we can expect more official control:
In spite of the Assisted Human Reproduction Act, grey areas in assisted human
reproduction will continue to arise
We can expect society to be more involved in regulating particular family
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