FRHD 1100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Personal Relationships, Casual Sex, Sexual Intercourse

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Chapter 7 - Personal Relationships and Sexuality
Forming Relationships
What is Friendship
friendship has been described as the bond of society
friendships of adolescence and young adulthood are the closest we ever form
for men, a friendship with a women offers support and nurturance
friends with benefits (FWB): relationship between friends who have sex
Hooking Up
sexual activity with a casual partner who may be a friend or stranger
university students misjudge how often their peers are hooking up
80% of students surveyed said alcohol was involved in hooking up
of the sexually active female students only 36.8% used condoms and only 41.6% reported
being on the pill
other casual sex relationships include One Night Stands, Booty Calls, Fuck Buddies
long distance relationship is considered living apart for 3 or more months, and being 321km
1 in 5 long distance relationships end
infidelity in dating relationships can be difficult to deal with - students suggest any form of
emotional or sexual intimacy with another person meets the criteria of infidelity
What Causes Romantic Attraction
the most important reasons for attraction are warmth and kindness, desirable personality, and
reciprocal liking
during the first wave of passion in the “in-love” stage, the person thinks about his/her partner
30% of the time
during the second wave a person can become nearly obsesses and think about partner
almost 100% of the time
average lifespan of romantic attraction is 2 years
Intimate Relationships
intimacy: the open, trusting sharing of close, confidential thoughts and feelings
Mature Love
romantic love is a combination of intimacy and passion
compassionate love is a combination of intimacy and commitment
consummate love is a blend of intimacy, passion, an commitment
breaking up-staying together
its more difficult to initiate a breakup than being rejected
people do not end relationships because of a disappearance of love - a sense of
dissatisfaction or unhappiness develops
Five Love Languages:
1. words of affirmation: verbal compliments, words of appreciation
2. quality time: focused and full attention, quality conversation
3. giving gifts
4. acts of service: housework, cooking dinner
5. physical touch: touch on shoulder, passionate sex
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