FRHD 1100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 16: Global Warming

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Chapter 16: Working Toward a Healthy environment
Climate change
- cliate chage is ay log ter sigificat chage i the aerage eather that a
region experiences
- the change includes variations within the earths atmosphere: the temperature and
humidity of the air, the rainfall, the strength of the winds and the clouds, the variations
in solar radiation, the earths orbit and greenhouse gas concentrations
- life as we know it is possible because of the solar radiation of the sun and the earths
- solar radiation passes through the earths atmosphere which is made up of green house
- the primary greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, Ozone, and
water vapour
- the layer of insulation is what makes our planet liveable
- CO2 is the most important gas in the insulation layer
- It acts like glass in a greenhouse, allowing a small amount of solar radiation through the
earth’s atosphere ad trappig it so the heat generated warms the earth
- The rest of the solar radiation if bounced back into space
- This process is a natural phenomenon, known as the greenhouse effect
- It has not been until recently that human activities have introduced climate forcig’s-
physical factors that force a net increase or a net decrease of heat in the climate system
as a whole
Global warming
- Global warming is an important measure of climate change
- It can be defined as a sustained increase in the average temperature of the earths
atmosphere that causes changes in the global climate
- Some experts have predicted that a continuing temperature rise may cause severe
draught and a rise in ocean levels
- Warmer weather worsens urban industrial air pollution and increases concentrations of
allergenic pollens and fungal spores
Four laws of ecology
- Everything is connected to everything else
- Everything must go somewhere
- Nature knows best
- There is no such thing as free lunch
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