FRHD 1100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5-6: Fad Diet, Bulimia Nervosa, Anorexia Nervosa

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Chapter 5: Nutrition
- every day your body needs certain essential nutrients that it cannot manufacture for
- they provide energy, build and repair body tissues and regulate body functions
- 6 classes of essential nutrients are
o water
carries nutrients, maintains temperature, helps with digestion
o protein
critical for growth and repair
form the basic framework for our muscles, cones, blood, hair and
o carbohydrates
organic compounds that provide our brain and body with glucose, their
basic fuel
simple carbohydrates include natural sugars and added sugars
complex carbohydrates are the foundation of a health diet
dietary starches are where we get the most of our complex
carbohydrates and include grains, cereals, veggies, beans and nuts
dietary fibre is the non digestible form of carbohydrates occurring natural
in plant foods
glycemic index is a measure of how much carbohydrate containing food is
likely to raise your blood sugar
o fats
important nutrient
fats carry the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K
saturated fats are fats in which carbon atoms are saturated with
hydrogen atoms (animal fats)
cholesterol is a form of fat manufactured by our bodies that circulates in
our blood
unsaturated fats are fats that have more than one double bonded
carbon; they are usually in liquid form
o vitamins
o minerals
- calories are the measure of the amount of energy that can be derived from food
Eating for good health
- four food groups
o veggies and fruit
o grain products
bread, pasta, rice
o milk and alternatives
milk, yogurt, cheese
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