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Chapter 3

FRHD 2100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Mons Pubis, Pubic Hair, Clitoris

Family Relations and Human Development
Course Code
FRHD 2100
Tuuli Kukkonen

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Chapter 3
External Female Sex Organs
-vulva: the external sexual structures of the female
-consists of the mons veneris, labia majora and labia minora (major lips and minor lips),
the clitoris, and the vaginal opening
-mons veneris: a mound of fatty tissue that covers the pubic bone (the joining of the pelvic
bones at the front of the body, below the abdomen and above the clitoris). The mons veneris is
also known as the mons pubis, or simply the mons.
-ushios the oa’s od durig intercourse (protects the pubic bone from pressure
from thrusting)
-can nerve endings, so can be pleasurable area
-pubic hair grows here
-labia majora: large folds of skin that run downward from the mons along the sides of the
-when close together, majora shield the minora and urethral and vaginal openings
-outer surfaces covered in pubic hair and dark in colour
-inner surfaces hairless and lighter in colour
-have nerve endings that respond to stimulation and can produce sensations of sexual
-labia minora: hairless, light- coloured membranes located between the labia majora.
-surrounds urethral and vaginal openings
-outer surfaces of the minora merge with the majora at the hood of the clitoris
-highly sensitive to sexual stimulation
-when stimulated, darken in colour and swell (fill with blood)
-clitoris: a female sex organ consisting of a shaft and a glans, located above the urethral
-extremely sensitive to sexual sensation… ol hua se orga hose ol ko
function is the experiencing of pleasure
-clitoral shaft = body of the clitoris
-corpora cavernosa: masses of spongy tissue in the clitoral shaft that become
engorged with blood and erect in response to sexual stimulation
-prepuce: the fold of skin covering the glans of the clitoris (sheath of skin formed
by the upper part of the labia minora)
-also covers the penis in males
-clitoral glans is may be covered by the hood
-highly sensitive, so most women prefer to be stimulated on the mons of clitoral
hood rather than directly on the glans
-clitoris and penis develop from the same embryonic tissue which makes them homologous
siilar i struture… deelopig fro the sae eroi tissue
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