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Prostitution the sale of sexual activity for money or goods of value (i.e. drugs)
Strip Clubs
Many strip club employees limit their activity to dancing and taking off their clothes
Others do lap dances
Prostitution and the Law in Canada
Prostitution itself is legal, but all activities involved with it are illegal
The Criminal Code prohibits:
Transporting or directing another person to a place within which acts of sex for
payment occur
Keeping, living in, being found in or allowing a place to be used for this purpose
Procuring and living off the avails of prostitution
In other words, it is illegal to engage in activities that facilitate prostitution or to be in a
house of prostitution
Police in Canada go undercover to catch prostitutes
In 2007, a small group of lawyers and sex workers challenged prostitutions laws, they
argued that the laws contribute to violence against prostitutes and thus the harm caused by
the laws outweigh the benefits to society. They argued:
The law against communication precents sex workers from screening potentially
violent clients
The law against bawdy houses inhibits sex workers from working in an indoors
environment (safer than the streets)
The law against living off the avails of prostitution is too broad, it prevents sex
workers from hiring security personnel such as escorts who would in turn hire
drivers for the sex workers
John Schools
For men who have no criminal record but who are charged for communicating for the
purposes of prostitution
In return for attending the day-long school, charges are dropped
Canadian Attitudes Toward Prostitution
The majority of Canadians are in favor of legalizing prostitution as long as it is regulated by
health authorities
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Those who attend church were less likely to be in favor of legalization
People in their twenties and younger were less accepting of prostitution
Types of Female Prostitutes
Streetwalkers prostitutes who solicit customers on the streets; considered lower class in terms of
female prostitutes
Earn the lowest incomes, considered the least desirable
Incur the greatest risk of abuse by customers and pimps
Operate in the open most likely to draw attention and risk arrest
Hotel Prostitutes work in hotels, managers will tolerate known prostitutes for a payoff
Brothel Prostitution
Occupy a middle position in the hierarchy of prostitution
Between street walkers and call girls
They work in brothels, or more commonly, massage parlors
Massage Parlors
Many massage parlors serve as for prostitution
Clients pay fees for a massage and tip workers for sexual extras
Many offer manual stimulation of penis but do not offer oral sex or coitus
Escort Services
Services send masseuses (or masseurs) or escorts to the hotel room
Present themselves as legitimate businesses offering escorts for men
Some provide only prostitution while others negotiate sexual services after formal escort
duties are completed
Call Girls
Call Girls arrange for their sexual contacts by telephone; occupy the highest position in the hierarchy
Most attractive and well-educated prostitutes
Charge more for their services
Usually work on their own do not split money with escort services, pimps or parlors
Can afford luxurious lifestyles
Can act as escorts to dinner and functions as well
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International Human Trafficking
Asian and Eastern European women are lured to big cities in developing countries or to the
West by promises of the good life
Upon arrival they are enslaved in brothels
Characteristics of Female Prostitutes
Often come from poverty and sexual/physical abuse
Often come from conflict ridden or single parent homes in poor areas
Many initiates into street prostitution are teenage runaways many see it as their only
escape as they have marginal skills and limited means of support
Many studies that reveal such facts focus on street prostitutes not escorts or call girls
Customers of Female Prostitutes
Clients come from all walk of life and represent all socioeconomic and racial groups
The most common reasons for a first visit to a sex worker was their availability and visibility,
the second most common was spontaneous
“Occasional Johns” use prostitutes occasionally (travelling businessmen, military
“Habitual Johns” – use prostitutes for their major or exclusive outlet for sex
“Compulsive Johns” – use prostitutes to meet a needs, may resolve to stop using
them but are unable to control their compulsions
some suffer from a Whore-Madonna Complex see women as either
sinners or saints
Motives for Hiring Prostitutes
Sex without negotiation women are available at the whim of a man (who have stronger
sex drives)
Sex without emotional commitment
Sex for eroticism and variety
Prostitution as a social outlet
Sex away from home most common, contemporary use of prostitution
Difficulty attracting a partner
Sex work can also be used to promote business transactions
Male Prostitution
Includes both male-male and male-female activities
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