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Textbook Notes for John Greenwood

U OF GFRHD 3040John GreenwoodWinter

FRHD 3040 Chapter Chapter 1-12: Heath Textbook chapter group

OC108821579 Page
1 May 2017
Chapter 1 autocratic parenting: a tradition of harsh, strict childrearing. Def: children are told what to do and were expected to respond accordingly w
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U OF GFRHD 3040John GreenwoodFall

FRHD 3040 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-5: Parental Leave, Wampum, Medicine Man

OC123323410 Page
12 Oct 2017
Ways that collectivist and individualist values may co-exist i. individualism can be traced to the protestant work ethic rst proposed by max weber (190
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