FRHD 3150 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Reinforcement, It Gets Better Project

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Chapter 5
Extinction (operant): an individual emits a previously reinforced behavior and that
behavior is not followed by a reinforcer, then they are less likely to do the same thing again
when next encountering a similar situation.
other causes of decreasing behavior (punisher, response-cost punishment, forgetting)
1. Controlling Reinforcers for the Behavior That Is to Be Decreased
Reinforcers presented by other people or by the physical environment can undo your
good efforts at applying extinction.
2. Extinction of a Behavior with Positive Reinforcement for a Another Behavior
Extinction is most effective when combined with positive reinforcement
begin with short intervals of desirable behavior and increase them to longer
manageable intervals.
It is important that the increase in the requirement of the desirable behavior be
very gradual; otherwise, the undesirable behavior is likely to reoccur.
ensure that the reinforcers that you are withholding are the ones that were actually
maintaining the undesirable behavior.
3. The Setting in Which Extinction Is Carried Out
one reason for changing the setting is to minimize the possibility that other people
will reinforce the behavior you are trying to decrease.
it may be socially difficult or impossible to carry out extinction in certain situations.
maximize the chances of the behavior modifier persisting with the program.
4. Instructions: Use Rules
Although it is not necessary that an individual be able to talk about or understand
extinction, it will probably help to speed up the decrease in behavior
5. Extinction Is Quicker After Continuous Reinforcement
When intermittent reinforcement has maintained a behavior that behavior is likely to
extinguish slowly- resistant to extinction.
6. Behavior Being Extinguished May Get Worse Before It Gets Better
Extinction burst: An increase in responding during extinction
7. Extinction May Produce Aggression That Interferes with the Program
prevalence of aggression was substantially lower when extinction was implemented as part
of a treatment package that included positive reinforcement for an alternative behavior.
8. Extinguished Behavior May Reappear After a Delay
Spontaneous recovery: may reappear at the next opportunity after some time has passed.
The amount of behavior that recovers spontaneously following a rest is less than the
amount that occurred before
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