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Chapter 15

FRHD 3400 Chapter 15: FRHD3400 - Chapter 15

Family Relations and Human Development
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FRHD 3400
Carol Anne Hendry

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FRHD 3400 Chapter 15: How to use Microskills and the Five Stages with Theories of Counseling and
Part 1: Microskills, five stages, and theory
o Each system has a distinct pattern of microskill use:
The person-centered system tends to use the listening skills most frewuently
and focuses most on the individual client, giving less attention to the
cultural/environmental context (CEC).
Brief counseling and counseling/coaching use many questions
CBT and Gestalt use many directives
Multicultural counseling and therapy and feminist therapy pay more attention
to the CEC
Decisional counseling, MCT and feminist theories tend to use a variety of skills
and focus dimensions
o Each theory emphasizes different aspects of life experience and gives different emphasis
on each of the five stages:
Pragmatic decision counseling tends to work in the here and now on immediate
life issues or facilitate life planning
Person-centered counselor emphasizes relationship and self-actualization
Logotherap fouses o life’s eaig
CBT focuses on cognition and behaviour
MCT and feminist theory draw on all of the above, but always seek to situate
the individual in their CEC so that clients are well aware of the impact the
surrounding world has on their cognitions and emotions
o Each system has considerable merit, but not one has all of the answers:
CBT will often result in more self-actualized clients who are better able to make
decisions and may even have a clearer discernment of their life decision
Part 2: A Brief Summary of Theories Discussed in Earlier Chapters
o Person-centered counseling: critical importance of empathic relationship and working
No questioning, a lot of reflection of feeling and paraphrasing
o Logotherapy: featured in relation to the skill of reflecting meaning and the discernment
All listening skills emphasized
o MCT: common use of all skills
- Decisional counseling
o Philosoph: fidig soethig that orks
E. Bejai Frakli’s earl three stage odel
Define the problem, generate alternative, decide on action
Pragatis: alk the talk!
C.S. Pierce and William James
o Key Methods
The five-stage model and microskills are the basic strategy
Stage 2: microskills ad BL“ to dra out liet’s stor ad stregths
the prole
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