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Chapter 1

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GEOG 1300
Tara Holland

GEOG 1300 Chapter 1 Spatial refers to the nature and character of physical spaces, its measurement and the distribution of things within it.  5 important spatial themes: location, region, human- earth relationships, movement and place.  Location: Absolute and relative location on Earth, answers the question where  Region: Areas having uniform characteristics.  Human-Earth Relationships: Human and the environment: resources exploitation, hazard perception, etc…  Place: tangible and intangible living and nonliving characteristics that make each place unique. No two places are the same.  Movement: Communication, movement, circulation, migration and diffusion across Earth’s surface. System: any ordered interrelated set of things and their attributes linked by flows of energy and matter, as distinct from the surrounding environment outside the system.  Open systems: Inputs of energy and matter flow into the system and flow from the system.  Closed system: A system that is shut off from the surrounding environment so that it is self- contained.  An example is photosynthesis Earth’s Four Spheres  3 abiotic spheres (Atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere), 1 biotic sphere (biosphere  Atmosphere- thin, gaseous veil surrounding Earth, held to the planet by the force of gravity. Combination of N2, O2, Ar, CO2, H2O  Hydrosphere-Ea
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