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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Global Climate and Weather 5.1 Introduction  Aeolian – pertaining to the processes, Earth materials and landforms that involve the role of wind 5.2 General controls of global climates  Temperature inversion – a reversal of the normal environmental temperature lapse rate; air temperature increases with altitude  Slantwise convection – convection (vertical rise in an air parcel) is inhibited when the prevailing lapse rate is less than the appropriate adiabatic lapse rate. A poleward horizontal movement of an air mass may bring the air parcel into an environment denser than itself, thereby allowing the air parcel to rise through slantwise convection 5.3 The tropics and subtropics  Intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ) – the zone where the north-east trade winds from the northern hemisphere and the south-east trade winds from the southern hemisphere come together over the equatorial region. This zone is characterized by cloud bands which illustrate rising air yet it is not a continuous band around the Earth. It migrates northwards and southwards across the equator with the seasons, so that it resides in the hemisphere which is experiencing summer  Wind shear – a change in wind speed or direction with
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