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Chapter 7

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University of Guelph
GEOG 1300
John Lindsay

Chapter 7 Weathering71 IntroductionGeomaterialsthis is the cumulative name given to rocks and regoliths materials which are derived from a geologic sourceRegolith sthe basal layer of soil overlying the bedrock composed of loose unconsolidated weathered rock and gravel debris it is the raw material from which soils are developedMetamorphism metamorphosisbiological a change in the form function or habits of a living organism by a natural process of growth or development 72 Environmental and material controls on weatheringPhotochemical oxidationa process which occurs in the presence of light and results in the chemical change of a substance through the loss of electrons 73 Some fundamental processesSubaerialan object or a process which exists or occurs near or on the surface of the EarthReagenta substance or compound which is added to another substance to initiate a chemical reaction or to determine whether a reaction will occurElectronswithin an atom electrons are the negatively charged particlesSolventa substance which dissolves another substance to produce a solutionAlkalinea substance which has properties of an alkali a pH greater than 7Basepertaining to substances with a pH above 7 or substances that release hydroxide ionsCationspositively charged ions
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