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Summary of Textbook Chapter Three (Focus on atmospheric composition and the different atmospheric regions)

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GEOG 1300
Tracy Rowlandson

Textbook Notes GEOG1300 Page 1 Chapter Three Earths Modern Atmosphere Overviewcomposition function and temperature of the modern atmospherespatial aspects of both humanproduced and natural air pollutioninfluence of humans on the atmospheric composition of the futureThe Modern Atmospheremodern atmosphere fourth general atmosphere in Earths history changed over time but essentially the same basic atmosphere that existed in ancient history o comparable to a biological membrane mediates which substances reach the Earth o primary component is mixture of gases that appears uniform air o bound to Earth by gravity and has weight as a result air pressureexosphere region of the atmosphere beyond 480km from the Earth extends to 32000km from the Earth where gravity is weakest o almost a vacuumQuick Facts 3Atmospheric Pressure at sea level 1kgcm10132mb2992 in Hg10132 kPaair density with altitude over 90 of the atmospheres mass is at 16km Atmospheric Thickness thin less than 11000000 of the Earths mass would be the thickness of a sheet of paper if Earth was the size of a beach ball Atmospheric Altitude top of atmosphere is 480km from Earths surface Nitrogen and Oxygen are so plentiful in the atmosphere that it is virtually impossible for human activity to deplete them Atmospheric Composition A Heterosphere80km to exospherecontains 0001 of the atmospheres massgases form distinct layers based on atomic weight o lighter elements dominant closer to the exosphere H He o heavier elements dominant closer to Earth O NB HomosphereEarths surface to 80kmlarge pressure gradientuniform gaseous composition that has evolved over millions of years o exception is the ozone layer 19km to 50km o exception is the higher concentrations of water vapour pollutants and trace chemicals closer to Earths surfaceNitrogenkey component o 78 of the atmosphere o originated from volcanic activity
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