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Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Mass Wasting

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University of Guelph
GEOG 1350
Jaclyn Cockburn

Chapter 5 Mass WastingCause is an internal or external factor that over time reduces the stability of a slope and brings it to the point of failureTrigger is an event that sets off the landslide it can be considered the final strawLargest historic landslide in Canada the Frank slide important roles Geology o Mountain deeply eroded o Water infiltrates and slowly dissolves carbonateso Decreases stability of slopeGlaciation o Valley glaciers eroded shales on lower slope of mountain o Steepened overall slope of mountain reducing strengthMining o Mining coal at base of mountain may have reduced stability of limestones higher on the mountainWeather o Possible final straw o Heavy snowfalls March 1903 o Warm temperatures in late April o Night of landslide temp dropped and water from melted snow may have entered cracks at top of mountain froze and exerted pressure on unstable rock mass Lessons learnedlarge landslides cannot be preventedgeology is importanthuman activity can trigger landslides51 INTRO TO LANDSLIDES Mass wasting and landslides describe downslope movements of rock or sediment as a result of gravity Types of Landslides4 important variables support landslide classification 1 mechanism of movement fall topple slide flow or complex movement 2 type of material rock consolidated sediment or organic soil 3 amount of water present 4 rate movement movement is considered rapid if it can be seen by the naked eye if not it is classified as slowFall involves bounding of rock or blocks of sediment from the face of the cliff
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