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Chapter 8

Chapter 8: River Flooding

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GEOG 1350
Jaclyn Cockburn

Chapter 881 Intro to RiversSurface flow is known as run offRunoff ratiooutputinputStreams are tributaries of larger streams or riversDrainage Basin is the region drained by a single stream Is also known as watershed river basin or catchmentGradient is the slope of the surface over which a river flowscalculated by the drop in elevation of the channel over some horizontal distance mkmgradient is greatest in its headwaters decreases downstream and is lowest at the river mouth which is its base levelbase level is the lowest elevation which the river may erode near or at sea level longitude profile is a graph showing downstream changes in a rivers elevation EARTH MATERIAL TRANSPORTED BY RIVERSTotal Load consists of bed load suspended load and dissolved loadBed load is particles of sand and gravel that rollslide along river channel in fast paced waternot visible
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