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GEOG 2210 Chpt 1 and 2 Summary

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University of Guelph
GEOG 2210
Ben Bradshaw

Geography Environment and Society Textbook NotesJan 1612Introduction The View from Clifton BridgeWhen speaking about environment we are talking about the whole of the aquatic terrestrial and atmospheric nonhuman world trees carbon dioxide or water and the organic and nonorganic processes that link and transform themHumanEnvironment Relations society culture politics economic exchange govern the interrelationships Impossible to separateHumans are subject to organic processes of the environment Photosynthesis the most important environmental process in the history of civilization allows food to be harvested for human consumptionVICE VERSA The environment is fundamentally social and therefore is subject to influence from the actions of human activityHuman transformation of carbon levels in the environment could dramatically alter global photosynthesis with implications for food and social organizationPolitical Ecology an understanding that nature and society are produced together in a political economy that includes humans and nonhumansUnderstanding that relationships between people and the environment are governed by persistent dominant and changing interactions of power Peoples power over one another and the environment and how people THINK about the environment affects how we handle our interactions EG Forestry in India in a system filled with corruption where forest officers coerce one another the rate and flow of forest cutting is determined by these mindsReconciliation Ecology a science of imagining creating and sustaining habits productive environments and biodiversity in places used traveled and inhabited by human beingsChapter Two Population and Scarcity A crowded Desert City Pheonix Arizona Desert metropolis of 4 million 10 major cities together planted squarely in The Valley of the Sun History
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