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GEOG 2210 Chpt 4 Summary

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GEOG 2210
Ben Bradshaw

Chapter 4 Institutions and The CommonsKey WordsCommon property A good resource eg Pasture oceans whose characteristics make it difficult to fully enclose and partition making it possible for nonowners t enjoy resource benefits and owners to sustain costs from the actions of others typically necessitating some form of creative institutional managementGame TheoryA form of applied mathematics used to model and predict peoples behavior in strategic situations where peoples choices are predicted on predicting the behavior of othersInstitutionsRules norms governing collective action especially referring to rules governing commonproperty environmental resources like rivers oceans or the atmospherePrisoners Dilemma An allegorical description of a gametheoretical situation inwhich multiple individuals making decisions in pursuit of their own interests tend to create collective outcomes that are nonoptimal for everyoneSocial DarwinismTheory to explain social phenomena as individuals are viewed as naturally and inherently competitive and selfish beings social Darwinism typically rationalizes war poverty and hierarchically stratified social syst
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