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GEOG 2210 Chpt 7 Summary

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GEOG 2210
Ben Bradshaw

Chapter 7 Political Economy The Strange Logic of Under PollutionWorld Bank Chief Economist Lawrence Summers argued that the level of demand for a clean environment for either aesthetic or public health reasons depended on incomerd Proposed that labour and production be sent to 3 world countries that were underpolluted because poor people would rather have economic development than a clean environment Chapters Main Points summarizes Karl Marxs ideas on how capitalism is prone to crisis ecological shows how the natural world is in many ways produced explains how the contemporary economy causes uneven development and unevenly distributed environmental problems environmental movements are often rooted in issues surrounding social reproductionuse gender and environmental action Labour Accumulation and Crisis In todays modern capitalism post industrial revolution concepts of labour accumulation contradiction and crisis are arranged so that y Peoples labour is sold on the market y Which allows for the accumulation of capital by a small number of individuals surplus value y This creates contradictions since capital becomes over concentrated y Which leads to disruptive financial and ecological crisis Labour y People sell their labour power y Capitalists combine labour and raw environmental resources y Produce commodities y Sell to consumers who are also labourers y Capitalist marks the product price higher to produce surplus value y If the workers and environmental resource is paid due diligence full value of its utility there would be no surplus therefore capitalists must devalue the labour or the environmental resource to turn a profit
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