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Chapter 11

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GEOG 2210
Ben Bradshaw

Chapter 11 Summary1January 12 1995 Yellowstone National Park Wolves are reintroduced to Yellowstone Park8 of them were brought in a horse trailerReferred to as a day of redemption and a day of hope by environmentalistsFor a few hours the mood was dampened due to an agricultural group creating an emergency appealThe judge quickly lifted the appeal to limit the amount of time the wolves spent cagedA History of WolvesWolves are very adaptable They inhabit desert grassland forest and tundraMost live and hunt in packsCanada houses the largest wolf population 52 00060 000The Social Success of WolvesPacks contain 58 wolvesLitters are 68 and raised by the whole pack Packs survive and reach success through keeping a strict system of hierarchiesWolves have very high reproductive rates esp in vacant territory The Ecological Role of the Wolftrophic levels an organisms position in a food chain determined by the number ofenergytransfer steps to that levelWolves exist in the level of top carnivores apex predatorsBiodiversity species distribution and abundance are determined by abiotic and biotic factorsAny change in the top or bottom of the trophic levels can create a huge shift throughout the systemRemoval of wolves causes huge pop swells of their prey speciesTheir reintroduction to Yellowstone allowed for a rapid return of willow plants less herbivoresBeavers use willow for dam construction therefore their pop also increased Three Centuries of Slaughter Wolf Eradication in the United StatesBy 1950 they were eradicated from almost all of the States at this time they brought this campaign to mexico Within 8 years their wolf pop was eliminatedFollowing soon after this eradication was the idea of conservationPerception of wolves changed from things that threaten the stability of nature to a largerpart of the ecological processes
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