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GEOG 3050
Kate Parizeau

WEEK 8 Zezza and Tasciotti 2010 Urban Agriculture, poverty, and food security: Empiracle evidence from a sample of developing countries. -Urban Agriculture (UA) is defined as the production of crop and livestock goods within cities and towns -200 million people are employed in Urban Farming, they contribute to the food supply of 800 million urban dwellers -UA can potentially play an important role in addressing urban food insecurity concerns, however understanding the nature of food insecurity and the implications of UA is hindered by a lack of data. -The paper sets out to address to basic research questions: · Which is the magnitude of Urban Agriculture, both in terms of the households engaged in agricultural activities and in terms of income brought in via those activities? · Is there any evidence of any significant relationship between Urban Agriculture on household food securities, dietary diversity and calorie intake. -The countries involved in the research are: · Ghana (1998) · Madagascar (2001) · Malawi (2004) · Nigeria (2004) · Bangladesh (2000) · Indonesia (2000) · Nepal (2003) · Pakistan (2001) · Vietnam (1998) · Albania (2003) · Bulgaria (2001) · Ecuador (1995) · Guatemala (2000) · Nicaragua (2002) · Panama (2003) -There are two main problems with the dataset: · The comparability of the definition of rural and urban across developing countries. · There is information on where household resides, not necessarily on where their agricultural production takes place. -The study was comprised of: · Nationally representative data · A comparable definition of agricultural activities · A comparative international perspective -There are a number of impacts UA can have on urban food security: · Household: UA can be a source of income, can provide direct access to a larger and more varied nutritionally rich foods (vegetables, meats, fruit). · Aggregate- UA can account for an important share of the production of some foods that are perishab
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