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GEOG 3490
Charlotte Mc Callum

Chapter 1 - Introducing Tourism Introduction:  Impacts of tourism have been experienced more widely since 1950  Domestic tourism in Latin America and Asia  The growing demand for tourism is a reflection of changing economic an social conditions in home environments and the physical and cultural characteristics of the traveled to environment What Is Meant By Tourism?  The word tourist first appeared in the 19 century  800 million people travel internationally  Stakeholders in tourism o Governments o Tourism industry o Donor agencies o Local communities o Non government organizations o Tourists Definitions & Types of Tourism:  Parts of tourism o Human feelings, emotions and desires o Natural and cultural attractions o Suppliers of transport o Accommodation o Government policy and regulatory frameworks  ‘Tourism comprises the activities of persons traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business, or other purposes’  Recreation tourism is the most usual form of tourism  Tourism has often been used purposely in government policy to aid the regeneration of economically depressed cities  Business travel o Commerce o Exhibitions o Trade fairs o Conferences  The ‘impacts of tourism’ – either positive or negative o Economic o Social o Environmental  ‘The study of tourism is the study of people away from their usual habitat, of the establishments which respond to the requirements of travelers, and the impacts that they have on the economic, physical and social well being of their hosts’  Tourism would not exist without tourists  Natural and cultural resources are the focus of tourism What Is The Tourism
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