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Chapter 2

GEOG 3490 Chapter 2 Summary

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GEOG 3490
Noella Gray

GEOG*3490 Chapter 2 Summary: Page 29-46 Sustainable Politics  European Union, IMF, WTO, Greenpeace, etc are examples of globalized political organization  Three types of ‘global’ political institutions: supranational, transnational, and international non-governmental  Supranational institutions have both degree of political integration between states and transcending power of individual national states o Developed in 1945 period o E.g. IMF, World Bank, EU, UNWTO and UN o Impose structural adjustments policies (such as Poverty Reduction Strategies on Third World Countries to help economies) o Develop intergovernmental structures such as NAFTA and ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) o Can reinforce inequalities between countries and force choices on weaker countries o Political relationships have been couched increasingly in a language of sustainability o Has sparked an emergence of international community which wants to act in the best global interests (such as problems with civil war, whale slaughter, destruction of rainforests) o Key alliances formed between supranational agencies and third world interests  Transnational institutions are composed of bodies other than governments o E.g. World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), UNWTI o WTTC goal to increase growth and job creation through open markets, deregulation, liberalization, etc o Also pursue sustainable development through environmental initiatives o Mainly centred in First World  INGOs and NGOs o I
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