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Chapter 2

HIST 1010 Ch. 2 Textbook Summary (F11)

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University of Guelph
HIST 1010
Peter Goddard

HIST 1010 Sept 20, 22 Lectures Chapter 2 Summary o Full recovery of classical knowledge and languages and set in motion educational reforms and cultural changes o Printing with moveable type o Vernacular – local language o Sense of nationalism, just as strong as religion/spirituality o Gold and silver from Americas – used for scientific invention, new weapon industry o African slavery – worked the mines/plantations o New secular and scientific values o Ancient classics, interest in Latin language and Greek science, appreciation of worth and creativity of individuals o Rebirth – transition between medieval to modern times o Capitalism, secular control of thought, culture, religion, urbanization o Petrarch – father of humanism o Great Italian cities – bankers for much of Europe o Florence – social division and anarchy Social groups: 1) Old Rich/Grandi – Nobles/merchants who traditionally ruled the city 2)Fat People/Popolo Grosso – Emergent newly rich merchant class, capitalists and bankers 3) Little People/Popolo Minuto – Lower economic classes 4) Paupers – 1/3 of population; no wealth at all o Cosimo de’Medici – banker and statesmen; restored stability after the Ciompi Revolt; wealthiest Florentine man o Signoria – council of 8 members that governed the city; bankers, judges, doctors o Podesta – maintained law and order o Un-Christian philosophy that stressed the dignity of humankind, individualism, and secular values o Humanism: scholarly study of Latin and Greek classics o Studia humanitatis: Study embracing grammar, rhetoric poetry, history,
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