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Week 11: The Sixties

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University of Guelph
HIST 1150
Brian Mc Dougall

Week 11 The SixtiesThere was a no more exciting time to be young than the 60s specifically 1968 So many people were in their early twenties that the whole world seemed young There were many significances of the 1960s Societies were beginning to accept that it was possible to be equal and different at the same time It was a time of revoltIWith the first big hits of Elvis Presley 1956 and The Beatles 1963 these were some of the biggest stars in popular music and it is said that peoples reaction to this music is why people said that sex was invented in this timeIIThe Pill became available in 1960 starting a sexual revoltIIIWomans liberation groups became prominentIVThe Drug Revolt devastated a lot of livesHippies probably derived from the hipster of the Jazz culture were young people that dropped out of the conventional society and wondered the world in search of enlightenment Hippies were associated with drugs and produced many spectacular event
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