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[Oct 2] Lecture 07

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University of Guelph
HIST 1250
S Lachapelle

HIST 1250 October 1, 2012 (07) Mid Term - Three essay questions, answer two - Questions will be very broad, have you made sense of the material so far - Argument, use historical fact to support your argument - Write an essay on how science and technology developed in the Neolithic era - Prefers compare and contrast (between two things what is similar and different) - Put as much knowledge as you can on the page The Black Death (14 Century) - How can backwards Europe be in control compared to a superior Islam? - There was little holding back innovations in Europe - A decentralization in Europe led to local innovations as well - Decline in China and Islamic world because of Mongolian invasion - Europe begins to prosper in the 14 century - The black plague comes in 1347, and becomes a bigger problem because people live so close together - A third to half of the European population dies - Severe economic consequences - Banks shut down, lots of peasant revolt - It is seen as God is punishing the population for their sins - People are shell shocked, culture is dark - Inheritance is a lot bigger for those who survive - Huge labour shortages - Those who survived build an immunity and are a lot stronger inside The Renaissance (1450-1650) - Starts in Florence, Italy - Means “Rebirth” - Europe begins to prosper again economically and culturally - Kings and nobles are able to higher artists, musicians and so own to makes things that honour them - A cultural movement - A time to remember the glorious time of the Roman Empire - All about how the Greeks and Romans changed the world - Novelty becomes fashionable - The Renaissance sees much more detail and clarity in art - The interest in anatomy, especially in sculptures - Painting large pictures for the roof of chapels The Age of Exploration - Travel dominated by the Mediterranean - B
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