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TH HIST 2200 September 10 2013 CHAPTER ONE Prelude: The Roman World Transformed (c. 300 – c. 600) - The Roman Empire wrapped around the Mediterranean Sea and enveloped what is today Spain, England, Wales, France, and Belgium o As well as southern coast of the Danube River eastward to what is today called the Balkans (southwestern Europe including Greece) o Also engulfed the territory of present day Turkey, much of Syria and all of modern Lebanon, Israel and Egypt o All the regions except Italy were what the Romans called “provinces” th - Edward Gibon- 18 c. historian who famously proclaimed the decline and fall of the Roman Empire - Around c. 250-350- elite of the cities witnessed the end of political, military, religious, economic, and cultural leadership which was passing to the provinces - Division of Roman Empire into 4 parts under Emperor Diocletian (r. 284-305) THE PROVINCIALIZATION OF THE EMPIRE (C. 250-350) - “Crisis of the third century”- two different groups from two different directions bore down on the borders of the empire o North- “barbarians” o East – Persians - Government expanded the army o Soldier –workers set up fortifications - Army had been self-perpetua
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