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Pillage & Plunder Summary

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HIST 2250
Mary- Anne Moroz

PillagePlunder EReserve Reading Week 12Fighting has overcome large parts of the democratic Republic of the Congo since 1996Deadliest phase in 1998 when UgandanRwandan troops assisted Congolese rebel groups in invading Laurent Kabilas government assisted by Zimbabwe AngolaNamibia3 million people killed another 2 million displacedResource taking has been a key cause of violence in Congo Congos abundance of resources attracts predatory groups Congo is extremely rich in minerals and gemstones such as diamonds gold Colton copper cobalt etcCongo also has abundance of agricultural and forestry resources such as timber coffee teapalm oilCountrys wildlife has attracted poachersAt first invaders just outright stole stockpiled raw materialsAfter stockpile ran out armies have been engaged directly in resource extraction and child labour was used in gold and diamond miningRebel alliesoccupying forces also made growersproducers sell them commodities at LOW pricesLooted resources sourced RwandaUgandas foreign exchange Allowed them to finance their military Kabila government overpowered by Rwandan troops at beginning of invasion Eventually also used countrys resources to fund purchases for militaryKabila government used resource wealth as an incentive for its allies to stay involved Zimbabw
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