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Mary- Anne Moroz

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The Uses of Environmental History Course Reader Appendix Week 1 2 Some practical lessons drawn from environmental historiansTools and technology are immensely important in shaping natural environments but their effects are refereed by the cultures in which they are insertedWhen people move from one ecosystem to another they bring with them other organisms plants animals microbes etc whose successfailure will determine the successfailure of migrationMen and women often experience the world in very different ways Later environmentalists have been obsessed with questions of ecologically responsible consumptionIf you want to understand peoples environmental values watch what they throw away and how they do the throwing Thinking like a Historian Core lessons that make environmental history useful 1 All human history has a natural contextHistory for a long time has had a powerful bias towards cultural determinismCultural determinism is the belief that the culture in which we are raised determines whom we are atemotional and behavioral levelsHas reintroduced materialist styles of analysis to the study of past human environment interactions while trying to finesse a fullblown determinism The doctrine that all events including human action are ultimately determined by causes external to the willCommon strategy has been to argue that humanity and nature in which cultural and environmental systems powerfully interact shaping and influencing eachother wit
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