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HIST 2250
Mary- Anne Moroz

The Fortunate IslesThe Europeans brought with them fellow life forms their extended family of plants animals and microlifedescendents most of them or organisms that humans domesticated or that had first adapted to living with humans The Europeans crossed the waters to the Canaries as to the Azores and Madeiras with a scaleddown simplified version or the biota of Western Europe in this case of Mediterranean littoralThe organisms that had worked on such Mediterranean islands as Crete Sicily and Majorca did so in the Canaries as wellSoldiers on horseback played a vital role in the conquest of the last 2 of the Canaries to fall Christian chroniclers paid much less attention to the other members of the portmanteau biota than to horsestheir ridersAbreau de Galindo reported that a few years beforethe conquest of canary islands births exceeded death ratesMajorcans who came early to the island brought the fig tree or perhaps a new variety of fig tree with them Guanches liked the fruits and planted its seedsfigs became principle food of the people of Gran CanariaGuanches had lived for a very long time alone with
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