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HIST 2250
Mary- Anne Moroz

From Conservation To Environment Notes Beauty HealthPermanence Course Reader pg 329342 Samuel P Hays The conservation movement was an effort ton the part of leaders in science technology and government to bring about more efficient development of physical resources Aspect of history of product that stressed efficiencyThe environmental movement was far more widespread and popular involving public values that stressed the quality of human experiencehence of the human environment Aspect of history of consumption stressed new aspects of the American standard of livingThe Transformation of valuesEnvironmental concerns were rooted in the vast social changes that took place in the US after world war 11The expansion of this interest brought it to the forefront of public lifeRapid growth in outdoor activities in the 1950s Then followed wider field of the protection of natural environments attempts to cope w airwaterpollution and later with toxic chemical pollutants hardly a concern before WW2The transition from an older stress on efficient development and use of material resources such as water thforests and soils known as the conservation movement which took place in first 4 decades of the 20 century Conservation gave way to environment after WW2 amid a rising interest in the quality of lifebeyond efficiency in productionRivers forests wetlands and deserts were now seen as valuable in their natural state as part of a modern standard to living Was maintained that some areas should be left untouchedundevelopedThe Search for Environmental AmenitiesMost widespread was the search for better life associated w home communityl
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