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Chapter 5

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University of Guelph
HIST 2250
Mary- Anne Moroz

The Cultural and Hydrological Development of the MississippiVolga River One perceived benefit of the MoscowVolga Canal were the provision of drinking water for Moscows rapidly growing population Easy access to Volga from Moscow In the US the Army Corps engineers used technological breakthroughs in navigation engineering to create an intercontinental channel that permanently transformed the upper Mississippi into intercontinental highway Also helped midwestern farmers remain competitive in domesticinternational markets Ecological consequences include degraded water quality elimination of natural floodplain bank erosion loss of species etc is still being realizedEven before the modern period both rivers served as major transportation artery and each was idealized in literature and visual artsMississippi is the longest river in North America 3705 KMVolga is the longest river in Europe 3700 Km Supports huge commercial fishing industry MississippiEngineers began improvements on the river in the 1830sInitially worked tor remove Snags sandbars and shoals in order to accommodate increasing commercial and passenger trafficDespite attempts to facilitate navigation the Upper Mississippi remained a challenge for river pilots Didnt get better until 1930s when the locks and dams were builtIn the years before the Civil war river served as an important commercial highway carrying lead ore from mines in Illinois and Winconsinlater transporting Immigrants to the Upper Midwest th The early years of the 20 century looked promising for the Mississippi with leaders like president Theodore Roosevelt remarking the importance of the Mississippi river valley and its central role in Americas futureFederal government as well as farmers whom depen
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