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Chapter 10

HTM 3160 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Integrated Marketing Communications

Hospitality and Tourism Management
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HTM 3160
Chris Choi

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Chapter 10: Destination Integrated Marketing Communications
DMO promotions are types of communications
It is essential that DMOs integrate all types of promotions, making sure that they are consistent
Elements of Communications Model
Sender of communication to the intended receiver is the DMO or its vendors
Make the DMO message in the communication appealing and to get the receiver's
attention, the DMO must design an arrangement of words, graphic images, sound, or music
The basic idea that the DMO wants to communicate to the intended receiver
The specific channel in which the message is placed y the DMO or its vendors.
The intended target of the DMO's communication within a particular audience
How the receiver interprets the message from the DMO
The response given back by the receiver to the sender
Noise 1
The message may not get through to the intended receiver
Noise 2
The barriers to receiving the communication on the receiver's side, mainly due to
distractions that cause a person not to see or pay attention to the message
Components of Integrated Marketing Communications
Placement of persuasive message by the DMO in any mass media
Communication between DMO sales staff and prospective customers
Public Relations and Publicity
All programmes and activities that a DMO initiates or participates in with the purpose of
maintaining or improving its relationship with other organizations and individuals
Sales Promotion
Approaches used by DMOs to give short-term inducements for people to visit
Retail merchandising materials and point-of-purchase advertising done by DMOs in
places such as visitor information centers, transportation terminals, attractions and
Digital Marketing
The use of digital-format information and communication technologies to liaise with
various audiences, to provide destination information and to promote the destination
IMC Definition
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