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Chapter 12

HTM 3160 Chapter Notes - Chapter 12: Psychographic

Hospitality and Tourism Management
Course Code
HTM 3160
Chris Choi

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Chapter 12: Consumer Behaviour and Segmentation
Motivation (Push and Pull Factors)
Push factors (internal motivational driving forces) --> whether to travel? --> Internal
motivational driving forces --> Vacation destination choices
Pull factors (destination attributes) --> where to travel? --> destination attributes --> Vacation
destination choices
Survival: hunger, thirst, rest, activity
Safety: Security, freedom from fear and anxiety
Belonging and love: Affection, giving, and receiving love
Esteem: Self-esteem from others
Self-Actualization: Personal self-fulfilment
Destination Selection
Socio-psychological (personal)
Situational factors
Interpersonal (social)
Awareness levels
Destination images
Destination products
Marketing and promotional communications
Information search
Past experience in visiting
Geographic origins and cultures
Destination Image Formation
Marketing and external factors
Tourist socio-psychological factors
Images of destinations
Destination choice
Purchase Behaviour
Need recognition
Search for information
Pre-purchase evaluation of alternatives
Consumption (within destination)
Post-consumption evaluation
Remembering and sharing
Market Segmentation
Trip purpose
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