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Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
HROB 2100
Sara Mann

Summary of terms learned  Being perceived as open and transparent  3 types of commitment  fundamental attribution error and self serving bias  treat differently but fairly  escalation of commitment  inverted U (stress and job performance, conflict and team performance, team cohesiveness)  concept of voice  creating a culture within your dept  P to J and P to O fit  Biases in performance appraisal  EI  Self efficacy (E to P and P to O and valance)  Role of individual differences (compensation, job design, motivation)  Using job design as a motivator  3 types of fairness  perspective taking  importance of continuous feedback  valid, reliable, practical, free from bias  Importance of feelings of internal and external equity  It depends (leadership style, conflict management style, team composition, ways to motivate)  Org structure  STRATEGIC HRM  Selection system: Conte
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