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Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
HROB 2100
Sara Mann

Leadership Chapter 13 Pages 330-340 Carl Jung and Personality Types - Human behavior is predictable and understandable, is the basis for classifying people and their personalities - Four dimensions important in assessing personality o Where a person derives his/ her energy o Way in which person gathers info o Way in which person makes decisions (rationally, factually, subjective, personal) o Concerns differences between a person who plans and is organized o And one who is more spontaneous and plaint Extraversion vs. Introversion - Whether person prefers to derive energy externally or internally Sensing vs. intuiting - Whether a person prefers to gather info in a precise or in an insightful way Thinking vs. feeling - Whether a person prefers to make decisions rationally or subjectively Judging vs. perceivinG - Whether person prefers to live in an organized or spontaneous way Psychodynamic approach - To raise awareness of leaders and followers to their ow
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